Fire   Archaeology

This website was produced in order to disseminate information on the effects of fire to cultural resources, both historic and prehistoric. 

It includes information on how to protect resources in the planning, implementation of national fire programs and during emergency fire situations.


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Wild fires burn million of acres of public and private lands every year.  These fires not only cause impacts to Natural Resources and Vegetation but also impacts Prehistoric and Historic Resources.  This website tries to provide a place to find information on the direct effects of fire on cultural resources, indirect effects caused by unstable watersheds (i.e. tree falls, mudslides), post burn, and effects of fire suppression techniques.
Fire Information - info on current fire incidents - national fire newshttp://www.nifc.govhttp://www.wildfirenews.comhttp://www.fireplan.govhttp://fire.r9.fws.govhttp://www.firewise.orghttp://inciweb.nwcg.gov

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Remember conditions are not static so Not making a decision is a decision.

Be safe No archaeological site is worth a life.  

Website last updated October 26, 2011.

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